Security guard holding a guard dog

K9 Security

K9 Security adds a new dimension to your security practises, offering a much more visible element to your security detail.

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Guard dog on a lead with guard

K9 Security Services

We offer our K9 security services for many different scenarios, whether they are on a site with a static officer at all times or they accompany a mobile officer when carrying out his mobile patrols for added security. All of our K9 security handlers are fully SIA licensed, specially trained and qualified to NASDU Standards so you can rest assured that you are receiving the very best in guard dog security protection.

Dogs have a far greater sense of smell and hearing than humans which means they can locate an intruder a lot quicker than an officer and their presence alone works as a visual deterrent to potential intruders. Guard Dogs effectively complement the skills of the security officers naturally offering higher levels of threat detection and consequently a faster response.

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Guard dog with security guard

Guard Dog Security

Navigation Security has provided guard dog security for some major blue-chip companies for several years and has built up the experience needed to keep your property secure. All of our sites are carefully surveyed for free before we commence any security carrying out a detailed risk assessment which is included in the assignment instructions given to our K9 handlers.

Our services can be tailored for most budgets and are all customised to your site, ensuring your business remains secure. For mobile patrol solutions we offer both routine and random patrols with our dogs carefully trained to detect any intrusion.

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